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A Town. A Forest. A Dungeon.

The carnival has come to town! Which is quite impressive given the complete lack of announcement and their ability to have apparently set up in the forest at night when everyone was sleeping.  Regardless, the smell of rich foods and the sounds of joyful music drift into town, accompanied by the laughter and murmurs of the townsfolk emerging from their homesteads to join in the festivities. Excitement is in the air, you might as well enjoy it while it lasts. 

However, we wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t some trouble afoot, would we?

Cairnevale is a forested fantasy festival for use with Cairn, suitable for adventurers of all manner of experience. Entertain your players with a variety of games and festivities, but beneath it all is a swirling plot that will bring your heroes face to face with faerie foes.


  • Demon Driven to the Maw (2021) - Brad Kerr
  • Winter’s Daughter (2018) - Gavin Norman
  • Trophy: Loom (2022) - Jesse Ross
  • Butter Princess (2022) - Brian Sago
  • Labyrinth (1986) - Dennis Lee & Jim Henson
  • CarnEvil (1998) - Midway Games
  • The tropes of European folklore


"Mama mia" - Brad Kerr

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I want to run this scenario as a first session with a new group, and I was wondering how they could "save the townsfolk" without killing the Ringmaster. Warning them about the fae seems insufficient, and apart from perhaps accidentally ruining the wedding, I don't really see a way forward.

Loved reading through the scenario, thanks for writing it!

In general, I typically like to leave this up to a "play to find out" style of resolution. Surely your players can come up with a clever idea! 

However, I know that's unsatisfying, so here's a few ways worth considering:

  • The most obvious is for the PCs to take the place of the townsfolk. The Merrymakers are really only looking for "entertaining guests" to bring to the wedding. If the PCs prove themselves sufficiently entertaining, whatever that may mean to a fae, then there would be no real need to snag additional townsfolk. 
  • You could also just straight up wreck the portal. That'd probably piss off the Merrymakers, but the PCs may be able to negotiate their way out of a fight. Or maybe the Merrymakers just scatter at that point to attempt to find another way back into the faerie realm, rather than risk getting stuck.
  • The Ringmaster is also supposed to be super hot, so maybe y'all can just fall in love.
  • There's also the classic of "burn everything down". Creating a sufficiently large incident would work to frighten the townsfolk away from the carnival and snap them out of the alluring enchantments.

Very nice suggestions, thank you.

I'm only just starting to reconnect with my creative self after years of taming, and still a bit apprehensive about DMing, so that really helps. I'll let you know how it went! Hopefully, some 5th outcome arises ;-)