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Welcome to Fever Swamp, a fetid, forsaken place that no one in their right mind would enter. 

Field Guide to Fever Swamp is a conversion guide to Fever Swamp by Luke Gearing for use with Liminal Horror. This document is an aid to take the grim fantasy module and transform it to a modern horror setting, and includes the following:

  • Suggested setting changes
  • An adventure seed
  • New character options
  • A custom Fallout list
  • Converted creature stats

Field Guide to Fever Swamp is an independent production by Josh Domanski and is not affiliated with Goblin Archives LLC. It is published under the Liminal Horror Third Party License. Liminal Horror is copyright by Goblin Archives LLC.

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Field Guide to Fever Swamp_v1.0_110122.pdf 569 kB


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What a great idea! I just re-watched True Detective S1, then found this by accident. Cheers


Fever Swamp can be found on Itch here:


Thank you! There's a hyperlink above that takes you to the DriveThru page, but I should have probably made that a bit more explicit.